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Inshore gags


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So me and my homeboy skiffin16 decided to go old school and hit up some of our favorite old bay haunts. It had been a while. Two trips and quick limits. And more shorts than we could count. John had the hot hand as he was able to wrestle up two pigs that had broken me off on two different trips - both fish came up with my hook still in its mouth. Payback. As usual, big baits = big fish.

Was a great reunion with my best diggin’ pal!










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5 hours ago, Capt. Troy said:

Nice ones. Yep, I see both you and linesider had to drag them out of the hole. All skinned up tells me you guys are too slow.:D


Johns fish are scratch free.:P

Ha! John’s fish are NOT scratch free. The scratches are on the other side. In all seriousness though, it’s extremely difficult to get these particular fish up without finding them with some battle wounds. Super thick structure. And no doubt, you have to be quick on the draw to get them out or it’s game over within seconds.

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