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Terez spin rod & Daiwa lexa 400 for sale


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Lexa HD 400 HS-P, 10 outta 10 on cosmetics and function no scratches or boat rash and works just like it was new. Really impressed with the reel, overall its very smooth & great freespool, it also doesn't require being pulled apart every few months to keep it running like new. I'm a Shimano guy so when the smaller tranx came out it replaced this reel, $150 box and paperwork included

Shimano 6'9" Terez mdl TZS-69MH-BLK fast action medium heavy rated for 40-80lb braid. 10 outta 10 for function 8 outta 10 on cosmetics... the 8 rating is due to the epoxy around the guide feet turning slightly opaque and minor rust staining on the guide feet under the edges of epoxy which can be seen in the pic of the guide. The Terez rods are kinda known for these issues and not very noticeable but are there none the less. Rod performs great and used for livebaiting, throwing jigs etc. $110






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