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POLL: 2017 - more good than bad, or more bad than good?


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Been having a lot of interesting conversations with folks as they think about 2018, so I thought I'd start a poll here to see what the general consensus was.  

Here's the rules:

1) Answer two questions

            A) When you think about 2017 as a whole, would you consider it a generally good year or a generally bad year for you?

            B) When you think about 2018, are you optimistic it will be a better year than 2017?

2) No explanation - just a few words, otherwise it will be hard to gauge the general consensus.  Just keep it tight "2017 - generally good" "2018 - gonna be better".


Just curious to see where everyone stands.

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2017:  Was a great year for the boating industry, we saw average gains of more than 8% across the industry which was awesome!

2018:  We are forecasting similar growth for the year currently, but we are VERY optimistic that the overall numbers will be better, feedback on gains from the OEM's has been very favorable with many seeing their production at capacity for Q1-2 and 3 for some!  

As the economy continues to grow and stabilize we all should have an excellent year! 

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2017 was going well until Aug 25th- then it went sideways...

2018 has started well and I am optimistic it will stay that way. Still have a ways to go to get our Rockport house liveable again... but it is material stuff. Just hope we can get back on the water by spring.

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