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InTheSlot12 (Mike) and I fished his beautiful 18' HPX-V on Sunday, leaving the marina at Flamingo at first light.  It was windy with temperatures in the high 40's to low 50's.  Water temperatures were in the low 50's as well.  But, there was a warming trend and favorable tides--high at East Cape was around 5:30 a.m. The forecast was for clear skies and a high of almost 70 degrees.  We were hopeful the fish would be ready to eat after last week's cold snap.  Although I am primarily an artificial bait fisherman, we figured the shrimp would be big and hearty so we stopped at Don's and filled the bait well.  

We thought the snook would be in the deeper canals, creeks and rivers in the East Cape area, holding in structure on the down current side on that falling tide.  What a great day!  We brought between 25-30 snook to the boat--most slot size, a few smaller and 3 or 4 that were over slot.  All of the fish were bright and shiny silver, fat and healthy and all were carefully handled and safely released.  It's great to see the snook population in such good shape.  We also had a nice black drum and a big (for Flamingo) trout.  Overall, a great day.  Here are a few pictures of the snook we caught, almost all with shrimp on jig heads.  Just beautiful fish.  There were also some HUGE crocks enjoying the sunny day!







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