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2500 Trailer Noise


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Curious if anyone else has issues with trailer noise. I have a 2500 and this is my first brand new trailer and it's my first trailer with working brakes.

I feel like for a new trailer I get a lot of clunking and creeking/screeching (however you would describe it) and wanted to see if it's normal or something I need to look at. I suppose most of it is the clunking from the surge brake coming forward, then back as well as coupler/trailer ball connection but I guess I assumed a new trailer would be nice and quiet.

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Yes, when you pull away from a full stop, the clunking you hear is the brakes freeing up.

For other rattles, you might try this...


It does 2 things...locks the receiver pin and more relevant to this discussion, stops any rattle from the ball platform moving around inside the receiver.  I used to use Duct Tape, this is much cleaner.

If this is an Ameritrail trailer and you hear screeching when you apply the brakes, check that the brake calipers are tightly fixed to the trailer.  Almost 2 years ago, My new trailer had that issue and one of the bolts holding the caliper to the trailer loosened up and fell out resulting in some damage to the inside of the wheel, etc.  And, of course, lots of noise back there.


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