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Gator Hunt


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I also love my D700. I just bought a Pelican Case and plan start taking it on the water more often. It seems like every fishing trip I see the perfect picture but have no camera. Unfortunately, it has many more features than I know how to operate but learning by using.

Actually, I've been admiring your photography for some time since reading your posts and learning you were a photographer. My favorite you took in July of a young lady sitting on white steps. In my humble opinion that was the best of your best! :thumbup:

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Do you mean Cali ???

She's a sweetheart and just "eats" the lense !!!

Easy to shoot....



BTW, there are a couple of good books for the D700 which is like a mini computer..

Check out the forum Nikonians.org and the D700 section..Mastering the D700 is on there...

As well, feel free to ping me if you ever need any help...

My one piece of advice after now shooting between 600-1000 shots a week....

Learn to shoot in Apeture mode...control the F-stops and vary the ISO...just keep it above 1/60 of a second and you'll normally get something with limited hand shake.......

As well, buy FX prime Lenses e.g. the 24-70 2.8, 70-200 2.8's...with the high ISO capabilities of the D700 you can really have some fun....they are $$$$ but, you'll see a huge difference in the capabilities of the lenses.

As well, I've fallen in love with my Pocketwizards and Speedlight combos....check out the new TT1/TT5 system.


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Yep, that's the one, easy to shoot and easy on the eyes.

My main lens is a Nikon FX 18-200 2.8 VR, a bit bulky but covers the range and most importantly high quality. I agree, you get what you pay for and I'm not afraid to break a little bread for quality.

I'll definitely check out that D700 reference information and may consult you with a quick question from time to time. I perfer wildlife photography and my immediate goal is to take quality pictures of flying waterfowl. I live next to a lagoon and am fortunate to have an Eagles nest on my property so I can practice all the time but need to get proficient with proper settings.

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R u sure it's not a 80-200 2.8? could have been a typo..they don't make a 18-200 2.8.

Shooting wildlife you definately need some zoom power..

Check with Forum Member (RON FROM ATLANTA)...he's a big birdr's shoot and comes to Flamingo every year, just to shoot water fowl.

Not my area of interest...but, definately something I enjoy looking at....

From speaking with Ron, you'll need at least a 400 min for bird shots and the problem is the F stops are high; thus, you need a good bit of light...

It's a pretty specialized area of shooting and requires some serious $$$ for the zooms.....

I've gone the studio route.....and put my $$$ in strobes and lighting equipment.

Call me anytime..if I can help, be happy to do so...or, maybe we can do a shoot sometime...I'll come over and we can do a bit of fishing and nature shots....


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It definitely pays to buy the best lenses.

Camera bodys are outdated very quickly in todays market.

The art of grinding gl*** has not really changed that much over the years. Yes, now there are electronics and gyros in lenses but the technology of making gl*** has sort leveled off.

A quality lens will truly hold its value.

I recently sold a top of the line Canon Telephoto that I had for 10 years for $100.00 less than what I paid for it.

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OK Dino, you got me out of retirement.

Glad to see the interest in photography along with fishing. We have seen some extraordinary things while onboard the Pathfinder including...


Ms Bald Eagle in the ACE Basin, SC. She has a tag but unreadable.


Mr Osprey and good size fish.


Ms Osprey and chicks


Barred Owl, St Johns River near Deland, FL


and my favorite. If you are a Reddish Egret and you catch a shrimp for lunch, shut up and eat it quickly or you may attract pirates...



and end up looking like the Road Runner running from Wilee Coyote.


You folks from Crystal River will recognize this one. I wonder what she thinks of that neighbor?

Again, glad to see so many getting interested in wildlife. I'd much rather "shoot" an animal with my Nikon - the results last longer...


and as far as I know, this big fellow is still out there.

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Hello David!!first two pics is looking good natural scene and 3rd one is too much horror because bleeding is continuously..its your first hunt?if your first hunt i really appreciate you...

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