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Sheeps are chewing


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1 hour ago, Wanaflatsfish said:

How are you rigged for them?


Nice catch.....looks like you'll have some nice sandwiches for a few weeks...





You can use a simple knocker rig if you prefer, but, I go 20 lb. braid to lead ranging from 1/4 oz. all the way up to 2 oz depending on how fast the current is ripping across the reef. Lead-bead-swivel to 20 lb flouro to hook of choice. A lot of discussion on "best sheepshead hook" out there. Some guys swear by small J hooks but once you've got the circle hook technique down you won't go back. I switch back and forth between mutu style circles and octopus style circles but never bigger than 1/0. My hook of choice is an Owners mutu circle #1. Even smaller #2 circles work well. 

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