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Flamingo fishing in winter

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Went to Flamingo and camped out Saturday (despite Gvt shutdown)

Everyone seemed to be doing the “winter fishing after few days of west wind “, with knocker rigs or jigs on the bottom with shrimp, in canals, creeks and Lake Ingraham.

No mosquitoes, cool weather, plenty of action with black drum, trout, sheepshead, snapper and a thousand catfish







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2 hours ago, Big Dave said:

Did you camp at the Flamingo campground?  If so, are the bathrooms and showers open and in working order?

They "closed all services" but couldn't or didn't kick out people already there. Campground is now managed privately, but reservations are still made through the park.

Rangers came by and put signs on the bathroom doors  "CLOSED DUE TO GVT, SHUT DOWN" but left the doors unlocked. All in good shape wen I left yesterday.

Electrical hookups working. The camp host did came checking for reservations.

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Yes it is A loop .

I walked back to C loop .

The damage is pretty bad .

There is anywhere from 1” to 1’ of FL Bay mud all thru that area .

I saw seaweed 10’ up in the trees .


Cannot imagine the mess that will be during the rainy season .

Whoever is taking over the campground will probably have to strip the surface down to where it used to be .

Going to pray for a miracle . 🙏🏻





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Do you find you have plenty of room for spending bad weather days inside?   We had a 28' coachman that had no slides that would get tight.  Moved to the 5er with 3 slides and was like staying in a condo.  Had to have two tow vehicles though.  What model is yours?  Well insulated?  How does it handle the extreme Hot FL weather in the summer?  Had it in the extreme cold yet?   We spent new years at Bud's RV Park in Lake Wales watching it snow one year.  The 5er did well but we were concerned about water.  Disconnected everything from shore connection. They had pipes bust in a few places.  

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Like there's no boat that does everything well, there's no camper that does all well.

This is a great toy for it's purpose, high end camping, towing a boat, and having a vehicle to move around without taking your home with you. .

It's not a place to stay inside for extended periods, unless you"really like" the other person.

We drove from Miami to Yellowstone in a smaller truck camper and had a great time.

It gives you more choices

I don't want to have a dedicated vehicle only for that purpose. A bigger truck (long bed dually) would allow bigger camper with more space and comfort, but is too big for me to drive and park in hospitals and office bdgs. 

Perfect for us to go away for a few days, take the dogs or the grandchildren to a campground with full hook ups and a bathroom (there's no privacy) and enjoy outdoor living.

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