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New whip. 94 Hewes Light Tackle.


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Long story short. I had a pretty serious offshore boat with a pretty serious monthly payment. Luckily it was with a family member so I was able to sell it, pay it off and have a nice chunk of change left over. I have been looking at Hewes and Pathfinders for quite some time not. Even checked out a few 21 Master Anglers, but a lot of them had seen better days. Came across this boat before my boat sold and told the owner if he gave me 1-2 weeks I would buy it with no questions asked. I put my boat up at priced to sell so I could pay off the offshore rig and have enough to pick this girl up and have some money to put a GPS and what not on her. Offshore boat sold in 2 days and I picked it up immediately. I have been having a blast on it for the last solid 2 weeks and getting back into the inshore thing. I have been offshore for the last 4 years and before that I had a pretty gnarly Gheenoe. I definitely missed the days of inshore fishing.

Anyways, the boat is a 94 20' Hewes Light Tackle

It was redone around 5 years ago with a new tank and factory quality refinished deck and hull. I must say, I feel like I am pushing a cl***ic car when I am out in it. Almost don't want to use live/cut bait on it. I am working on getting the Lowrance HDS5 with Side scan installed this week.

Btw, my friend is a very good vinyl guy. He made me the light tackle decal that was missing. If anyone is looking for decals, please let me know. He is pretty reasonable and can make them same day.

Any cool info on the early model Hewes Light Tackles? Feel free to share.








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Very nice.. I felt very fortunate when I found mine.

I noticed there are no trim tabs. I know in my neck of the water, they're very useful. What bottom unit are you going with? Also, don't forget to register as an owner if you haven't already. Welcome!!!!

Would like a couple of the decals for the stern.

Let me know how to pay. Thanks

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Fishtails. Thanks! I am thinking about the Lowrance HDS 5 Gen 2 with Side Scan. It is very helpful with Tarpon in the p***. This boat does not have tabs but seems to do ok with out them for now. And how do I register as an owner?

As for decals. Let me know dimensions and what you are looking for and I will send it over to my buddy.

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