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2018 Keys MOT at the Breezy Palms


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Looking forward to the OT and meeting the new members there !

For those not familiar with Breezy Palms' approach..

This is a map I drew up years ago showing the route into the basin at Breezy Palms.. The basin is surrounded by flats and rock jetties.  The bottom of the 'channel' into the basin is hard coral.  The channel marks in July consisted of two white PVC poles. They mark the deepest part of the channel: maybe 16" deep at lower tides. This is the only route to come into Breezy without tearing up the flats. You can jump on plane or shut down if you run the channel.  You need to idle out about 150 yds beyond the PVC poles before you jump.  It is shallow and hard way out. Look over the side to decide when.

This applies to the Cobias and Pathfinders.. You guys with tunnel boats and microskiffs can zoom in on any tide. At half tide or higher, you can run the channel in most boats,  Just jump on plane in the basin well before you get near the PVC poles.. Same coming in.. Drop off plane 150 yds out from the PVC poles.  On the map.. stay away from the red x's. Those are rocks you can start to see at mid tide. They are hidden at high tide.

If you have booked at La Siesta, they have a similar approach to their docks.

Safe travels and see you there !!




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Had plans to participate in the tournament while staying on Marathon with my daughter and her fiancé! At the moment the lower unit is off my motor for a water pump replacement and now has a wrong off bolt on the pump housing. It is at the machine shop and may not be done in time...Skip or Charlie, do you have a loaner boat I can borrow???? LOL 9_9

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1 minute ago, DblPly said:

We’re here and yup...  It’s windy...  Caught Blackfins on Monday and Kingfish yesterday...  may lay down later today...

I was looking at the marine forecasts! NO WAY will we be running across to the capes from Marathon! We will be easing out nearby for Tarpon, Grouper, Snapper, and perhaps force our way out past the reefs and drag some baits for what ever may bite! Everyone have a safe trip!

Bubba B

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Everybody be sure to say hi to my good old friends Captain Tom and Ann Ross.  Tom runs a 74' Merritt for an Annapolis-based owner that will be out of the water through December.  I found a real nice 17' Master Angler for him so he won't get in trouble in Fort Lauderdale this fall and winter!  So, he and Ann will be participating in their first Owners Tournament.  Good luck to everyone and be safe!

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