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2012 OT Pictures


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Hopefully many of you have pictures to post, thought we should start a new thread to do so.

Scott is going through over 400 shots, here are a couple.

Missed being there, sounds like you had a great time!

[image]http://www.mbcforum.com/fbbuploads/1349100743-Will_and_Hon_with_Tarpon.jpg[/image] [image]http://www.mbcforum.com/fbbuploads/1349100738-Will_and_Charlie_with_Poon.jpg[/image] [image]http://www.mbcforum.com/fbbuploads/1349100733-MOT_12_Group_Shot.jpg[/image]





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Moved my post over to here...

[color:blue]Thank you Charlie and Mr. Deal for another wonderful Owners Tournament. It was fantastic seeing all of our friends and meeting new ones. I can not thank you enough for the venue that provided me and my family with some wonderful memories. Below is a synopsis of our adventures:[/color]

[bigger]DAY 1:[/bigger]

[color:blue]My Daughter (Shelby) and I leave the docks at a little after 0500 Friday Morning! The moon was already low on the horizon this morning so was of little help in navigation. Spot light and GPS were the tools of the day. The sky was clear and the stars were bright. After leaving the last day markers behind us there was no light to see any land silhouettes so I had to rely on my memory of tower and navigation strobes in the distance.

We made it safely through Twin key P***, Rabbit Key P***, through the Man-0-war P*** and the Murray Key/Cape cut over and around all of the capes before there was enough light to see any obstructions without a spot light. We were at Big Sable Creek when the sun finally peeked above the horizon!

All of the afore mentioned action was so we could arrive at a special little creek for the last 75 Minutes of the out going tide.It was worth the effort as we were there to observe schools of Lady Fish attacking tiny bait and the Tarpon and Snook were attacking the schooling Lady Fish. Mixed into this action was Blacktip and Bull Sharks attacking all of the above!!!!!!!

At this first location Shelby connected with multiple Tarpon, Snook, and miscellaneous other species. One Tarpon was leadered and one over slot Snook was boated. Unfortunately she lost several good fish to the Bull and Blacktip Sharks. When the 75 minutes of falling tide ceased, so did the action.

Our next stop of the day brought us within sight of the Little Shark River. Shelby was immediately into the Reds and boated two in short order. Unfortunately the Sharks were also present at this location. Shelby hooked additional Reds only to have them engulfed by the Sharks before she could get them to the boat. After a couple of Reds were killed we made the decision to leave them biting so that these beautiful big fish were not wasted.

We moved on to several additional locations and Shelby boated another Red, a couple of Snapper, and lost multiple fish to the Mangroves and the ever present Sharks.

It was time for the long trip back, fueling at Caribee Marina, and back to the dock. A total of 105.2 miles.[/color]

[bigger]DAY 2:[/bigger]

[color:blue]Day two started as did day one. Out the door at o-dark-thirty! Thankfully the moon was above the horizon on this day so I could see silhouettes of the different Keys on the horizon.

We were once again approaching Big Sable when the sun peaked over the horizon! The Tarpon and Snook action was not as strong as the day before, but they were still present at our little creek.

Unfortunately so were the Sharks! They Ranged from 8+ foot Bull Sharks to Small 4 foot Blacktips hunting in packs of three and four. Shelby managed to jump a couple of Tarpon and Snook but was unable to bring any to the boat. She also lost a few fish to the Sharks along with several of our artificials (To include a couple of SEBILES!!!!! :susel: )

This initial location does not usually produce the Reds as do a few of the others we usually haunt. But today the Sharks apparently pushed a school of reds up a small feeder creek. We discovered this as we noted some interesting movement up a creek so small and full of blow downs I had difficulty squeezing my Pathfinder into it. It was worth the effort as Shelby caught Five upper slot Reds in approximately 30 minutes. I joined her in the action after she caught her limit for the tournament score card. We enjoyed an hour of very close quarter action before we left the Reds biting in search of other species for Shelby's score card.

We fished several additional Creeks just South of the Little Shark and enjoyed the action and sight of several large schools of Reds. These Reds were starting to push up onto creek flats that were just beginning to flood. There is nothing better than to sight cast to Reds and watch them rush across a flat to chase your bait. Shelby connected with a nice Snook in one of these Creeks.

As the day progressed and the Snook and Tarpon action slowed we traveled back South and fished the First National Bank for Trout. The water and gr*** was beautiful with numerous pot holes and current. We were unable to connect with any Trout as we could not get our baits past the Mangrove Snapper!!!!! The Snapper were hitting our baits the moment they hit the water. No matter what type of bait including top-water. Shelby filled her score card with the allotted 5 Snapper within minutes and they ranged from 12 to 16 inches. We never could catch a Trout because of the *** Snapper!!! :confused:

We were tired and hungry so we decided to quit early and meet my wife and our two Australian Shepherds at the Islamorada Fish Factory.

The day ended with an additional 105 miles (A two day total of 210 miles!)

Shelby ended up winning the Ladies Champion Award!

And a few pictures (Please excuse the quality. I realized too late I had the camera set wrong!):















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