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Just spent 3 days fishing Hinchinbrook with a couple of mates. Ben ( stratto ) had his Redfisher as well so it was great to get to watch another one running ( something very special watching these boats cut the water ). With the F150 it can p*** mine like I'm standing still. Then to complete the trip for my school mate Shane we went to the reef from Cairns yesterday. Very ordinary conditions making for a slow trip out and back ( 15kn winds and pretty big seas )but the redfishier handled it.



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Nice trip Snelly,

There is another 18 RF on its way from the States to Townsville, I believe it is a black colour with a 150 Yammy to one of my mates - pictures in weeks to come once on the water.

Ramcons, 18 Redfisher has had a nice revamp with a with a full colour change to Hewes Cherry Red to match his favourite NRL Team (Rabbits) and also had some of the compartments relined to our australian esky grade to withstand the heat which works great. He also added some stone deflectors to the trailer to prevent stone damage from the roads and the whole rig looks like brand new.

Had a trip the other day to the cape in it and smacked some nice barras, took the camera but forgot to take the card out of the computer (beginers mistake) so didn't get a shot of what looks like a new boat at the ramp to show everyone and some pictures of nice fish.

Hard to get a perspective on the difference between my 16 and his 18 besides size and so far the ride was a touch better coming back with following sea with the extra length in the swells in our bay but up in amongst the mangroves and shallow bay the draft of the 16 is a bit better. Love the extra two front boxes though and wish I had them on the 16RF as you can load the boat different with weight - everything is a compromise.

Catch you at the Barra Bash in a few weeks.


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Hey DC,

My RF18 is commercially registered here in QLD , rego numbers are like 12345QC ( the last letter representing the type of survey the vessel is registered in ) , by law my rego numbers must be 200MM - mine are a little less than that but as you can see quite large. 200mm also applies to recreational vessels the sequence for them is AB123Q.

I have left the Alabama rego numbers on her for sentimental reason showing her US roots.

Cheers Snelly

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