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Fishing Report Venice To Sarasota Bay = Anyone Catch ANYTHING ?


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I would normally post this in the lower sections...but, it was so bad, I had to post here.....Help a brother :)


Was up in Pelican Point area in my buddy's TRS 26 Pathy and we decided to fish the day....

We fished from about 1000 hrs to 4pm and did not get a single strike.....I mean NADA in the entire Sarasota Bay !!!

We fished the entire east side of the Northern Bay from the Hyatt Hole to Wittmere Estates....looks like some nice trout areas....

Saw about 2-3 dozen boats in the same areas and no rods were bending....any reports on anything?  Just curious...it was a total strike out for us..

My buddy was using Pop'n cork and live shrimp i was using anything I could think of....gulps, trout artificial..Zman shrimp, whatever....nothing !!!

Was it us...or just the day....

Beautiful conditions....light to med winds from the East....so, I am wondering what it could be ???

We did run offshore to the artificial reef...again, for about 1 hr, nothing but one lost grunt.....




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I gave up fishing Sarasota Bay two years ago. Fished Sarasota Bay and the areas around on a weekly basis, but in the last two years the fish population has declined at a steady rate.  I either fish north of the Manatee River, or south of the Venice Jetty. A little around Anna Maria for Tarpon, but that's it.

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Ran into some guys from Tampa and they only fish the upper Tampa Bay areas regularly because  they believe that is the best bite north of Charlotte Harbor but he said that fishing isn't fantastic inshore.  They have good days from time to time but those are few and far between.  I know some guides who are getting some solid catches in Charlotte Harbor.  Everything appears to be jigs with plastic.    

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