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Caesar's Creek Speed Trap?


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I was cruising through Caesars Creek on Friday and noticed the posting of a No Wake zone near the Adams Key Ranger Station. I believe the sign said "between markers 20 through 24" but I was going too fast to read it. At any rate, I've been using this route for 20 years and was not expecting the change. The Park Service can make a fortune handing out tickets on this well-traveled channel. Heads up!

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On 2/18/2018 at 9:57 AM, Moderator said:

I wonder what the reasons were ?    Probably just trying to protect their docks & visitors boats from the 'Clorox Bottles' going by off-plane..

Thanks for the Heads-Up !  



1 hour ago, Lap it Up said:

I'm with the Mod... Bleach bottle boats that have no idea how to navigate markers. 

I'll have to get out there and check it out myself.  Thanks for the heads up!

Haven't heard that one before.  What is the meaning of "Bleach bottle boat"?


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