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Example of WOODY WAX


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Have not been fishing da skiff for a while...but, have had a few hours on the weekend to be pimp'n her for the next Dino and DonH Choko adventure (hopefully next week)....


Anywayz, the skiff is 22 years old - MA17 and she was kept in a garage for her life....I've been working the gelcoat and deck on a regular basis....

Here's an example of my weekend handy work of some WoodyWax on the deck...notice how the water beads and nothing sticks  and you won't slip when applied according to the bottle...

Clean deck - must be immaculate...I prep mine by using Dawn and bleach

Afterwards - with deck slightly wet - apply the Woody - I use a Blue Shurhold brush I only use for Woody applications...super soft

Couple of squirts here and there and then brush on....

Let it dry...then hit it with the hose to wash off the residual.

Then a couple of towels to wipe it down and you are done...here it is after the towel drying and then I hit with some water...i use it on the console and side gunnels and it really helps with cleaning...


For Maintenace, I use the Woody Wax boat soap or Orphine with Wax with a couple of glugs of bleach if I have any blood....any rust or anything I spot clean with Bar Keeper's friend.  Don't use DAWN again, unless you want to re-do the entire process....I usually hit the deck every time I wash it, but, with less and less Woody unless it was a complete mess from a hard day of fishing where we had used the cast net with lots of gunk and mud.



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That looks great, Dino !   It makes cleanups easy and fast, as you said.

Speaking of cleanups.. I also remember a photo you posted of your Pathy while you were yellowtailing..  see if you still have it.

It demonstrates the need for waxes and coatings before you have a great day of catchin'...

You certainly use & enjoy your boats Dino.  Thanks for sharing your knowledge and skills.


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The other very good use of Woody Wax is on your pipework (platform legs & crossbeams). WW is “costly”, but the instructions are correct to use just a little.  Not good on smooth surfaces, but agree awesome on non-skid.    I too use Orpine wash, also very concentrated..cleans pretty well and it smells good too :)  

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