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3 hours ago, YankeeRedfisher said:

HOBO has been an inspiration to me in owning a Hewes RF18. I'm hoping he is well but I am concerned that he has no posts anymore. I hope GOD is keeping him well and thank him for adding so much practical knowledge to this forum

I just spoke with him a few weeks ago....

He's finally retired for good and enjoying his grandkids....

No more guiding..but, he's picked up a  nasty $$$ habit of competitive skeet shooting....as is Ken Doss - he only bought the best rifles from Germany and Italy (LOL).

He still has a white PF22 he picked up about 5 years ago, but, fishes only when the kids or family wants to head out.....

He doing great and plans on doing some European travelling at some point.....

I too miss his posts....as he was a mentor and friend.



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