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2006 Hewes RF 21


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1 hour ago, geeks2you said:

I'm starting my research phase to buy a Mav or Hewes, so sorry if this seems basic. Why such concern for the repaint?  Are there issues on these that you would need to hide, other than a possible damage repair? 

Just be sure to look at the finish very close....look for signs of fiberglass repair....there are thousands of boats running that have been repainted or re- gel coated with no problems  Sometimes really fresh paint and old hardware could possibly indicate a quick flip job by someone wanting to make a quick buck. However...no two cases are the same....its always good to see how long the person has owned the boat before deciding to sell. Those 21's are great boats and good ones are also hard to find. Just remember, you can always get a good used or new motor for any boat you buy. The key is finding a really good well taken care of boat. 

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