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1979 Hewes 18'


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Just picked up a 1979 Hewes, owner said it was a redfisher, but I am not convinced as there is not much info on the older models. This boat had budget rebuild in early 2000's, currently has a newer 115 hp yamaha.

planning on stripping repaint, fix floor and other items and a much needed re-wire, new trim tabs, mechanicals (pumps/hoses/tank fittings).

Would like to know approximate weight if anybody knows...

oh yea long time lurker....great forum






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how much does it weigh? depends on the extent of any water intrusion... i would go extreme rebuild on this one, as a few others here have done, and go back with composites instead of wood... foam stringers, transom...

seems to have sat in water a while!!

honestly, i don't like the fact that it has already had a rebuild ....a lot of things could have been re-done poorly, making more trouble for you... but it's a hewes, and i'm sure there is plenty to work with. it looks pretty solid..

dive in, and don't look back until she looks like new!!!

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took it out for a spin, pressure washed majority of the barnacles off and was able to top out at 38 knots (DOWN WIND WITH CURRENT GPS) turning 5900 rpms up wind against current 5900 rpm and 35 knots, compression on the engine is a solid 134 all cylinders and carbs were given a bath.

so i am going to ***ume that there is no much water intrusion at all, headed to scales tomorrow to get a rigged weight and then off to the butcher for a rebuild.

We plan on taking it down to the stringers and rebuild stringers up, liberal use of nidacor and other light weight products to get this ol gal on a diet. would like to lose 200 or so pounds

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MArch 1 update, we stripped the boat done to bare hull found stringer and hull delmination issues and after wrestling with my emotions and check book decided to proceed with the full restore, *** shame whoever did the half*** restoration a few years ago b/c he did more harm than good.

interior grade plywood floor with gl*** on one side, all foam strpped out, painted rotted stringers instead of replacing. Actually used s/s t-drive deck screwss to hold the floor in.

Good news was the transom was good.

Well at the end of the day I will have about the same amount of money (+/- 50%) in it as good condition lappy sells for today...

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