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Lappys and jack plates


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Hello all,

I’m new to the forum but not new to Hewes boats.  I have a 2000 Redfisher 18 (the last of the ole’ Lappys) with a Yamaha 130 2 stroker.  I see some discussion on here about jack plates and the issues with these boats.. props blowing out, loss of performance, etc.  I have a friend that has worked for Maverick Boat Co at the factory in Ft Pierce for nearly 20 years now (it’s possible he even helped build mine) and he discourages me from installing one on this hull because of the setback and possible performance issues. I do trust his knowledge and expertise as he knows these boats well, but I would like to get some other opinions. The main reason I would like one is simply to idle through shallow water more efficiently.

Is there anyone on here with an old Lappy, similar to the 2000 model, with the same outboard (115 hp or 130 hp 2 stroke) that has success with a hydraulic jack plate with minimal issues as mentioned?

Please lend me your thoughts.



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I ran my 1998 18 RF with a 6" CMC hydraulic jackplate.  I also had a 130 Yamaha V4.  Your friend is correct.  It will definitely change several characteristics on your hull.  That being said I wouldn't own a flats boat without a jackplate.  For the way I run, the pros out way the cons. 

The pros for me are idling in shallow water and getting up on plane in shallow water.  I could raise the plate up 6", burry the tabs and pop up in spit.  As soon as it would plane out I grab for tabs to get the nose up.  I also ran a water pressure gauge.  idling around without the prop out of the water is a big plus as well.  You may see a little gain in MPH but it wont be a whole lot. 

Cons - The boat squats ever so slightly with the added set back. One more accessory to maintain and or break and propping can be a little more difficult.  I ran a Yamaha Pro 19pitch worked by barracuda props in Miami.  It did blow out in very tight turns, but I make very long mostly straight runs so it didn't bother me.  I also ran a four blade 17 pitch Turbo that did well in turns but no where near the performance of the Yamaha Pro. 

Good luck with your decision.  Either way you go its a great boat.  Love me a good Lappy!

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Thanks Lap it Up!!

I will probably go with Bob's since I live only miles from their shop and I trust their equipment. I'm going to talk with them as well about how much the height will be after install and any other issues they are aware of with this hull.

You say you are able to get a better hole shot with some jack applied? That is really the only other reason I'm looking into this.  Do you have any pics to share of your install?? 


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Well, after some serious thought I just had to do it !!  I decided on the lightest weight plate possible and purchased a Bob's 4" UltraHD model.  I removed the old steering cable and installed the Baystar hydraulic steering kit.  I also upgraded the navigation, anchor and courtesy lights to LED.  

I have some tweeking to do as I will lower the motor on the plate 1 or 2 holes.  After that I will consider re-propping with a 4 blade if necessary... any advice on props would be appreciated!!

Below are some pics of the first outing after completing the work... and I threw in  a pic of one the spoils that day !!









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On 6/13/2019 at 1:50 PM, Colin Hickey said:

How are you liking the Jackplate on this rig?

I really can't complain.  It allows me to idle thru the shallows much more efficiently and I can also jump up on plane in shallower water easier!  The juice was worth the squeeze!! 

I lost just a bit off the top end (not enough to complain about) but I'm considering a re-prop in the near future to get the best performance.


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