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Rod locker interior


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I have some old carpet in my rod lockers currently that I would love to rip out as it is dirty and is always wet/never dries.

once I get it out I am planning on sanding everything down and putting either paint or plasti-dip back inside but before I do I thought I would ask if anyone else has any good ideas on this or any reason my current plan would not be best.

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53 minutes ago, SouthernWake said:

Good point on the plast-dip

I'm not trying to put much money in these as I rarely use them and worried seadek is going to rack up the cost.

Not sure what shipping cost, if you would need to ship. I live close by so I was able to pick it up. I used this on the bottom of hatches, its pretty good stuff and it outta the sun so the sun won't beat it up. $60 for a 39"x78" sheet.


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