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Live Well Thru Hull - 2000 - 2200V


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Finishing up maintenance on the boat and decided to change out the plastic live well thru hull setup.  As I have not removed the original yet, does anyone know what size thru hull it is?  (Barbed connection is 1.5" on the existing plastic - but not sure what the OD on the thru hull fitting actually is.  

 I plan to go back Bronze Groco but just wanted to see what others have done on this boat.  Want a bronze thru hull to a seacock to a barbed fitting.  

Just want to make sure it will all fit.  Been looking at options on Jamestown Dist. and noticed that I will be dealing with Straight threads that will most likely have to convert to tapered to get to a barbed connection for the hose.  

Thanks in advance for any input!

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