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Loose wiring & mystery noises


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I have a 2017 2500 hybrid.  Since I bought the boat, I've had a very annoying noise that sounds like loose cables slapping against something.  I thought it was coming from inside the console, but no.  Then I thought it was the cables running thru the t-top pipework... no.

Then over the weekend I started to dig further and think I found the source. I think it's these wires (see below) that are behind the access hatch in the port side of the battery area.  I know the pictures aren't very clear, but I can (barely) reach these and move them around quite a bit.  Problem is what to do to fix it.   There's no room to tie them and attach to the bulkhead.  I thought about just stuffing a towel in there, but I don't want to trap moisture.  I could really use some help on this.  The noise is really aggravating and frankly makes the boat sound cheap even in a light chop.

The floor is open to ideas.

Untitled attachment 00001.jpg

Untitled attachment 00004.jpg

Untitled attachment 00010.jpg

Untitled attachment 00013.jpg

Untitled attachment 00016.jpg

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7 hours ago, mustang190 said:

Bundel them up with plastic wire ties? Or wrap them with plastic flex conduit?

I thought about doing that, but I think need to maintain the ability to fish things thru in the future.  Plus bundled without anchoring them to something, the banging might just get worse. :$

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I have a similar issue with my 2014 2300HPS.  I get a similar slapping noise coming from the port side (think from behind the gas filler area), usually only when I am running in a following sea, very strange.  It has driven me crazy for years and have basically just come to deal with it. I have had it to Pathfinder to look at and they wrapped the fuel overflow/breather tube with a piece of foam noodle and re-epoxied the back of the rod locker where it meets the top cap as it was starting to separate a bit.  It got a bit better but it is still there.  You could try bundling them and wrapping them with a piece of foam pool noodle to isolate them from hitting the inside of the hull.  That way you can remove easily if and when you need to pull wires.

Also, Wondering if anyone is having  a similar issue/sound with a 2300HPS model?

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You can get these adhesive mounts from HD also. Prepare the surface good, and try not to stick them where there will be a lot of pressure. They may not hold forever, but they will work. 


If you want something permanent, you use these and clamp the wires. Just cost a bit more.


Also your boat is pretty new, you might consider taking it to the dealer and have them fix it. I would not expect there to be any loose wires coming from the factory, all wires should be secured.

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