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Dock Lines and Fenders

Ron in Atlanta

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Although I have a feeling most folks here are not too interested in docking (maybe just at the launch ramp dock while parking the truck), I wanted to share an idea or two on the subject.  Especially for the 2200 TRS which can be ordered with a midships cleat, that happens to be really tiny.

Low profile fenders are perfect for our boats, e.g....


That is the "old" boat, the 2000V

For the new boat, the 2200 TRS, I needed to splice the fender lines to the fenders with a very small loop so they would fit on the cleats and hang right, e.g....



The tiny midships cleat was an issue as there is not room for both a cleated fender line AND a cleated dock line (spring line).  We came up with this solution...I spliced the loop on the dock line to JUST fit over the cleat and be small enough to stay put, i.e...



So, for the 2 of you who may tie to a dock for lunch or whatever...here you go.

Yes Dino, I DO have too much spare time on my hands:).

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