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G2 300 Repower on 2004 2400v...Thoughts?


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I’m replacing its original, Yamah 300 HPDI, and I think I like the G2 300.  It’s been out long enough that I think all they kinks have been worked out, and I’d like some input, please.  I like a two-stroke because I think a four-stroke is too heavy for the stern.  I want a 300 because the boat is rated for it.  Thoughts and input are appreciated. 

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The G2's in 20 inch shaft         weighs 537 lbs.

The Yamaha F300 4-S in 20"   weighs 562 lbs.

The Suzuki  300 4-S in 20"       weighs  578 lbs.

The Mercury 300XS 2-S           weighs  505 lbs.   (Verado 300 Pro weighs 635 lbs with its own steering system)

Each of these 300HP engine choices has their downsides.  The discussion of their faults always leads to hurt feelings and that Ford-V-Chevy

mentality.. Just a heads-up when you ask about opinions on outboard brands. 

As an aside, when the 300 HPDI motors got sorted out, they ran really strong.  They too had their downsides with thirst & oil consumption but were a helluva good motor.

Whatever motor you chose, your 2400 will be a little different...  Good luck with the repower..



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