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2006 Redfisher 16 - SOLD


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2006 Hewes Redfisher 16

90 Yamaha TLR (manufactured in July of 2005)(Engine Hrs: 366+). 

2006 Loadmaster Trailer


Electronics: Garmin echoMAP 74sv (purchased 2015)

Power Pole with two remotes and neoprene cover

Min Kota Riptide 80lb 24v (two, blue-top Optima batteries attached to onboard Guest 2620A)


Yeti Sherpa 50q cooler included (because they don’t make em anymore and same height as deck)


Price: $17,500


Location: Tallahassee, FL


For sale is my 2006 Hewes Redfisher powered by a two-stroke Yamaha 90 TLR.  I purchased the boat/motor/trailer new from Big Bend Marine in August of 2006.  This model has the windshield and grab rail.  The fold-down seat is the one-piece model from the mid-2000s.  The boat doesn’t have bottom paint.  There’s a white Keelguard installed on the keel.   

I absolutely love the boat – there’s nothing wrong with it.  I am moving up in size to a bay boat because I have an expanding family.  The boat is located in (North of) Tallahassee, Florida. 

The boat has many upgrades and has been maintained with an open checkbook for the past 12 years.  Two different friends told me I should use the Ferris Bueller’s Day Off line “he just rubs it with a diaper”.  This boat lived in a garage from 2006 until 2017 when we relocated to a new home.  It now lives under a semi-custom Sundura cover (included).  She drinks ethanol-free fuel and gets professionally detailed once a year.  There’s nothing broken or out-of-order.  She never spent more than a random night in the water.  She was never guided.  The engine was flushed/sprayed religiously. This is a deal where the buyer can take the keys and go fishing.           

Fishing systems from bow-to-stern:

Included with the sale is a Minn Kota, 80lb, Riptide 24v trolling motor that’s fully functional.  The trolling motor is mounted to a Minn Kota release-able puck (through-bolted).  The foot of the trolling motor has received the Linex treatment from Sarasota Linex.  The Minn Kota is attached to two Optima Blue Top SC34DMS.  The Optimas are charged by an onboard Guest 2620A that lives in the center console with the batteries. 

Included with the sale is a Yeti Sherpa 50q cooler.  The reason it’s included is that it matches the height of the front deck perfectly and the cooler is no longer in production.  I read on here that someone was making a knockoff version but I could never circle back and confirm that.  This is the drink/lunch cooler.  I’ll keep it if the new owner doesn’t want it.   

The under-gunnel carpet was replaced by Castaway Custom Sea Deck pads bearing the Hewes logo as shown.  The Sea Deck has eliminated boat rash for the rods that ride under the gunnel.      

Moving to the dashboard: Garmin echoMAP 74sv (purchased 2015) has all kinds of nice underwater imaging capability that I honestly never use.  It needs to be calibrated.  When my offshore buddies fish with me they never get around to calibrating it.  I simply wanted the 7in screen on the dashboard and it works perfectly for my navigation needs (which can be intense in local waters).  I’m not too interested in looking at the bottom (via the fishfinder) in 2ft of water anyway.  I can usually just look over the side and see what’s down there.

If you look at the transom pic; the Garmin transducer for the 74sv is massive and we had to cover it with the PVC part you see to prevent spray back over the transom top.      

An original Power Pole (6’) is mounted to the transom.  I have the two remotes as well as a neoprene cover.   The Power Pole is also controlled (alternatively) by a rocker switch on the dashboard.  

The VHF is a Standard Horizon “black box” model that is housed in the console and is attached to a dash-mounted microphone that has the controls. 

The original cable steering was removed and replaced with a hydraulic Baystar system several years ago.  It works and the boat steers without much effort. 

Trim Tabs – Lenco electric trim tabs were installed by the factory.  They’re connected to two rocker switches on the dash.  I can’t remember any issues with the trim tabs.  I believe I replaced the rocker switches a few years back.     

I have a puck mounted on the transom for a removable swim sadder made by Garelick.  I bring the ladder for scalloping/sandbar trips but it normally stays at home.  The ladder floats and it’s included with the sale.  If you want to run with the ladder stowed you can mount it upright on the puck and keep it out of the in-deck storage while you haul around.     


The boat is wearing a Power Tech SCD4R15SYM90

Also included is the Power Tech three blade (YM90SCD3R15S) that she wore from the factory

The 2S Yamaha 90 runs like a champ and only weighs about 290lbs.  There’s no squat even when my larger buddies fish in the stern.  The boat runs about 35mph with two guys and a normal fishing load using the 4-blade prop.  I saw 40mph once while I was breaking it in.  This was while alone and running light with the 3-blade prop.  I have been feeding the Yamaha ethanol free for years.  Like many carbed two-strokes; she’s a little cold blooded.  I have total confidence that she’ll crank every time I turn the key.  I possess and will pass along the flywheel cover which I took off so I could more easily spray down the powerhead.  I normally fish inshore and burn about 6gal of ethanol-free unleaded depending on where I run.  Gas isn’t really an issue for me when fishing - I burn more in the truck.      

The rig rides on the Loadmaster trailer that Hewes used to package specifically with this boat.  Soon after purchase I replaced the front “V” with two parallel front bunks.  I also added a spare tire mount that has an entire hub mounted to the trailer frame should something catastrophic occur to your bearings/hub on a fishing trip.  The trailer was re-worked by Coastal Trailer in 2015.  The only original weight-bearing parts are the frame, wheels and the torsion arms.  Everything else has been replaced (bunks/hubs/tires/hardware/coupler/swivel jack…).  The rolling tires are Goodyear Marathon.  The spare tire is a Chinese knock-off.  

When I purchased; I trailered this rig with a F150 with the old 4.6L V8.  That engine wasn’t the most powerful thing Ford Motor Company ever made.  It’s been riding to the ramp behind a Dodge Ram 1500 (5.7L Hemi) since 2010.  My best information is that the rig weighs 2000-2500lbs loaded with gas/ice/tackle/beer/fuel. You can surely tow this thing with a Tacoma.  Launching and retrieving by yourself is no issue – I have done it many times. 

No push pole is included.  However, the boat does have one holder installed for a push pole and I have another one which never got screwed to the deck but is included in the sale. 

This is a great boat for: you, your buddies, beers, rods, running through chop, chunk & wind, fish in box, bad jokes, bikini watch on the way back… etc…

It’s not a great boat for guys with small kids (like me) or else you turn into Capt. “Get the F away from the edge” and morale goes to an all-time low by 10:30AM.  I bought her when I was recently out of grad school and married but without kids - driving a budget F150.  It was an amazing, AMAZING experience.  She’s had a ton of fish over the side including countless trout/redfish/pompano as well as keeper grouper, cobia and kingfish.  I hope that the new owner can continue the good times and good fishing.    




















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First, good luck with the sale of this boat.  Great job of keeping it in pristine condition!

I have a 2006 but with a 4 stroke Yami.  The reason why I'm responding to your post is that I've been looking for a boat that had the original windshield because I want to get one made.  So your pics are exactly what I needed to get started on that project.  By the way, have to ask....you wouldn't want to sell me your windshield would you?

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26 minutes ago, rdupre said:

First, good luck with the sale of this boat.  Great job of keeping it in pristine condition!

I have a 2006 but with a 4 stroke Yami.  The reason why I'm responding to your post is that I've been looking for a boat that had the original windshield because I want to get one made.  So your pics are exactly what I needed to get started on that project.  By the way, have to ask....you wouldn't want to sell me your windshield would you?

You might ask up top.   You can probably buy from the original supplier of MBG windshields.  I just don't remember their name.  Somebody will have the name and phone number.

I  just looked up there.  It is UPD Plastics.  You should be able to google them for a phone number.


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Thanks...I called Hewes and waiting on a reply from them.  Again.  Good luck on the sale.  I was thinking about selling mine and getting something larger for same reasons you stated in your post.  But I'm going to repower mine instead.  I love the under gunnel Hewes SeaDek!

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