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SOLD: :SCD4R17PYM90 FOR SALE: 4 blade Power Tech

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In like new condition...no dings....I am going to a PTR prop and will have this for sale.

Marcus at PT props indicated that this is the best prop for the F115 combo RF.

it's a stern lifter and has great hole shot...but, I want something a bit different.

contact me at dino.cardelli@gmail.com or PM.

New $450 in Feb 2017..used $250 OBO plus shipping.

Pics etc....to come.


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That should work well for you, I put a 4 blade 16p on mine a few years ago for the same reasons and it's amazing. I actually have a 130 Yam (think yours is a 115) and my prop is a stiletto but same idea. In addition to hole shots and bow lift, it puts more load on the motor at low and idle speeds too, it makes the motor sound better at those speeds. I'll take that performance over top end every time. Makes trailering a breeze too, ton of torque. Good luck and enjoy it!

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