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Newbie 97 Maverick RL


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Hey everyone, I just joined and I figured I’d post some pics of the 18.5’ Maverick RL. I picked her up for $7,500 with a blown 150 Merc. I just picked up a 2006 150 Vmax for her at $2,900 and plan to get her going over the next couple of weeks to hopefully have her up and running for the kids summer break. If possible, I’d like to get a little feedback on what I’m looking at in the last photo. Not quite sure what’s what under there.  I had a 20’ Hewes LT about 10 years ago and I loved that boat. Figured I’d give Maverick a try since I thought the deal was pretty fair. Let me know what you think and how I did.  Thanks






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That could be nothing, but it could be something to be concerned about.  There are three possibilities:  1)  It's cosmetic, no big deal, live with it till you feel like addressing it.  2)  It's a bonified crack, but isn't structural.   It's an 3)  It's a major structural issue - stringer or transom issue.   The good news is that your stringers don't run that far inboard, so probably not a stringer issue, and if it is a transom issue, you'll see other indicators.   There may be other potential outcomes, but those two would be the first I'd check for.   Here's where I'd start:

1) Look closely around the splashwell around the engine and transom area.   Look for spiderweb cracking in the corners.   If the crack on the bottom is serious, you will probably see some other cracking that reflects the issue.   Gelcoat cracks, especially if it is put on too thick, so spiderweb cracking isn't necessarily a big problem.   If you can put your fingernail into the cracks, though, you may want to get it checked out more carefully.

2)  Go into the bilge and clean it out - bleach, rag, hose, go crazy.  Clean up around the stringers, get a clean area around all of the joints, any areas where surfaces come together.  Look for any cracking there, especially around the base of the stringers where the fiberglass is tabbed in.   The separation will likely be obvious if it is happening.   There is some transom reinforcement near the area where that crack is, but would seem odd to be related.  Either way, cleaning the bilge area will tell you a lot.

3)  Get under that boat and look at everything more closely.   Look for other cracks you may have missed.  You can shine a bright light along the hull and sometimes things will jump out at you.  Also look at your hull right along the surface and look for bowing.  Some is normal, but sometimes you can spot an issue by looking for the hull to bow in or bow out where it shouldn't.  

4)  I'd plug the boat and fill the hull with freshwater, then look for drips.   If that crack is through-and-through, it will drip.  If it drips, it's through and through.

5)   At night, have someone shine a light from the outside of the hull while you look down into the bilge access.  That will help you find other potential cracks that are hard to differentiate from gel coat scratches.


The good news is that, in general, structural issues on MAs are very rare, at least from what I've seen.    A hull your age likely didn't make it that long because it's had fundamental manufacturing issues.  That area doesn't scream "STRUCTURAL FAILURE" to me, but it is an odd location and should be checked out.



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18 hours ago, steel561 said:

If possible, I’d like to get a little feedback on what I’m looking at in the last photo. Not quite sure what’s what under there.

Based on the year the livewell pickups and drains look normal to me.  The only one im not sure about is the one that seems to have a rust filled crack coming out of it.  I haven't seen a fitting of such kind before.  Forum member Triplec (I blelive that's spelled right) has a 1996 and should have the same well pickups.  He may chime in with some more help.

I definitely think its a decent deal.  I also love the dual rod lockers.  Very nice.  Good luck with her.


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Thanks everyone for the replies and the help. I filled the bilge area up with water and didn’t notice any water coming from that crack. It seems to be only in the gel coating but I’ll keep an eye on it. I didn’t think anything of it until you guys brought it to my attention. Thanks again. I’m sure I’ll have other questions along the way.

Next up piling platforms 

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