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1980 Bonefisher 18


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Here's my yellow fishing machine. I picked this up from a friend a few months ago. I think its all original, not sure about the motor. He redid the interior completely replacing all the wood.

I love the boat. It's not pretty, but it is great for fishing. I plan to put a trolling motor on it in the next few weeks. I would also like to replace the trailer, not sure if this is the original trailer, my guess is that it is not.

The hull is badly oxidized, wondering if anyone has any suggestions or if it is nothing to worry with? Also, wondering if any one has suggestions on trolling motor set up. I know there are a lot of opinions out there, but I plan on a 24v system. Kind of leaning towards a wireless remote version.

I don't know if the motor is original. I am pretty sure its not. I believe that it is a newer motor than the hull. It runs great, I don't plan on doing anything with it for at least a few years.

Thanks for your advice and comments. I don't know much about boats, but am enjoying learning. This is my first boat of this size (had some john boats and such in the past).





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The hull is badly oxidized, wondering if anyone has any suggestions or if it is nothing to worry with?

For oxidized gelcoat try Poly Glo. Wet sand with 800 grit and then wipe on 5 or 6 coats of Poly Glo and it will look like new.

I used it on my '83 Seacraft 20 and it held a gloss for two years. I need to do it again.

BTW, Are you in north Florida by any chance? I have a '72 18' I'm about to restore and I'm looking for a boat I can take some measurements off of that has the older style casting decks below the gunwale cap. My hull was stripped to the stringers when I got it.


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I am working on the oxidation and need to take these old decals off. They are badly cracked and brittle. What is the best procedure for taking these off?

I am ***uming that going at it with a razor blade might not be the best option.

I saw some videos of using a heat gun, but not sure if that can damage the gel coat.

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Heat gun (even wife's hair dryer). Use a plastic blade to scrape. Finish with 'goof-off' for the residue.

As to PolyGlo - just like any other was etc, the effort you put into the preparation makes all the difference. Yes, it will give you a quick shine and it's pretty easy to apply....

However, if you don't get a super clean finish before you put on PolyGlo - you will be stuck with it. It is a real PIA to remove PolyGlo. A real PIA.

Ive used and removed Poly on 2 boats now. It has it's place, but it does not replace a great wet sand, compound, buff.

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