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Carbon fiber Push pole Miami Fl


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For sale is this like new, used carbon marine Loop push poll.

I may have used it 4 times. unbelievably light less than 5 pounds  always kept dry in my air-conditioned garage  

Custom 23.6" 

Carbon Marine Loop (Premium):  the Carbon Marine Loop was designed for the advanced angler that spends long-hours poling on the flats.  We designed it to compete with the Stiffy Graphite and the heavier Stiffy Hybrid.  It is extremely light and stiff.   This push-pole is light at 21 foot is weighs only 4 lbs, 2 oz (or 3.2 ounces per foot).  The 23'6" length weighs less than 5 lbs! (4 lbs, 15 oz)   That is lighter than a Stiffy Graphite or Hybrid of the same length. This push-pole has the best of both worlds: ribbed texture for additional gripping surface area, but not overly abrasive at the surface.  This push-pole will not wear holes in your clothes.  It also has the shark-skin like surface that is oriented for maximum grip whether you prefer to plant the tip or the foot in the water.  Our unique "grip orientation" is a first in the push-pole industry. 




 free local pick up I will not ship this item for obvious reasons :)


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