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Best trailer for 18’ Redfisher


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Just found my dream boat...2008 Hewes 18’ Redfisher! Low engine hours and immaculate hull. 150hp Yamaha screams the boat across the water. Everything works and I just need to add a trolling motor which I’m researching now  

But I was so centered on the boat and engine I didn’t notice the rusty state of affairs between the single axle and wheel hubs. It looks really bad and I’m sure a breakdown is coming if I don’t fix the EZ Loader drive on trailer. 

Im sure the repair of the trailer is going to be expensive ($1,500 at least). If I were to look for a new trailer, what would be the best choice and how much should I expect to pay? I know EZ Loader and MagicTilt are both reputable...any other brands? Does Hewes recommend any special trailer for the 18’ Redfisher?

Any input is appreciated,


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I believe the Rolls Axle trailers are the best on the market.  They are made right here in Plant City FL with all aluminum and stainless steel components.  They have a coil spring instead of a traditional leaf spring that last much, much longer.  My 18' Refisher sits on one and I have no complaints.  You cannot go wrong with a Rolls !!






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Hello, as I’m sure you know there are so many boat trailers out there to choose from. I look for a sturdy trailer that allows the rig to fit in my garage (height & length). I just took delivery on my new RF18 and I ordered the same trailer I had under my 2013 RF. I use a Continental AS1830. When ordering it is critical that the  dealer orders the “AS”. The “S” means “skiff”. With the skiff trailer the boat sits down low between the fenders. It is a wide trailer but by placing the boat low it fits in most standard side garages (height wise) and it also means it doesn’t require deep water to launch/retrieve the vessel. Lastly when I look in my rear view mirror I can see the skiff I’m not looking at the hull. Continentals are made in Clearwater and you can order it with a swing tongue, aluminum or galvanized rims and hull guides. I also like my skiff to sit on flat bunks. Not the most expensive, not the fanciest but sturdy and it tracks true running 70 down the highway.

I’m sure the trailer the other gentleman recommended is a fine trailer. In looking at their website they look like a premier builder. Good luck in your search and good luck with the new skiff. Hope you love it.




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AmeriTrail in St. Cloud FL I believe is the current supplier for trailers to MBG, or at least they were a couple years ago when my dad needed a new one for his 1992 Bonefisher, didn't hurt that they're 5mins from his house either. I also had them fix /correctly set up the trailer for my 99 red 19 when I got it too, was a little more than I wanted to spend but worth it.

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On 4/12/2018 at 9:02 AM, Nolezone said:

Im sure the repair of the trailer is going to be expensive ($1,500 at least).

I had my EZloader trailer axel replaced for $850..installed by AMES Trailer in FLL and for another $400 they added centering bunks.

check with a local EZloader dealer...for EZloader, you MUST USE THEIR PARTS...THERE ARE NO SUBSTITUTES.


New Continential - excellent trailer is about $3200, New Ameratrail - $3800 + depending on the upgrades.

Others range from $2500-3K...

Be sure to go torsion vs spring...

Good luck in your quest.






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