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Pop Up gas cap


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I posted this last summer. Some suggested to attempt a WD40 repair, but my spring was broken and I could not raise up. Hope this helps!




I think your internal spring is corroded and broken. A real pain at the gas pump. 

I searched all the usual sources, ugly fish, flounder, and the rest. I found a Southco diesel filler neck and cap on EBay, for $35. The neck had "diesel only" cast in, instead of "gas". I removed the cap from the chain, and it worked like a champ in the old, installed neck on the PF. I could not figure how to install the new chain on the old neck. Here's my post from last March/April. Hope this helps:


I tried to order one from the link above. Stated they were out of stock on the 1 1/2" for my PF. Found the cap on EBAY as part of a diesel filler neck and cap. I ordered this morning thinking I'd throw the fill neck away and use the cap. Same p/n on the cap.

I hope it fits. Only $35, and getting harder and harder to find. Search EBay for the Southco part number.


Southco M7-22-8807204 Polished 1 1/2 Inch Stainless Steel POP UP Cap Boat Straig



2008 2200TE YAM F250, 1971 BOSTON WHALER 13 SPORT YAM 35 2 STROKE

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Have any of you found a regular flush-fit fuel cap which will screw into the factory installed filler neck? As clever as these pop-ups are, they have a limited life in salt water. I'd rather just have a straight screw in cap on both of my MBG boats.

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