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Hatch cylinders


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My gas shockswere Ameritool brand.  I bought a few from the distributor for Ameritool, which is Maxum Hardware.  Then I ordered a few from  from MBG (Ray in Parts) through a Pathfinder dealer.  They were cheaper by a good bit straight from Pathfinder (MBG). :D  All of my shocks were 30 lb shocks.  You can look up model info on the barrel of the shock.  I did buy the round, SS ends from Maxum, and they are a nice little upgrade from the plastic, standard ends that you have.

Nice looking boat you have, by the way!

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1 hour ago, smooth move said:

my compartments didn't look that good new. now they look like someone got sick in there.

HAHA.  It is called OCD disease.  Several times a year, I take some kind of spray cleaner (bleach) and paper towels to them and the bilge.  It doesn't take long.   I enjoy piddling like that when the fish aren't biting, it ain't blazing hot, and the boss lady is on the war path!!!!!!  LOL

While I was having fun in my "busy season," I had the entire boat professionally detailed.  More OCD flare up!





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On 4/27/2018 at 9:24 AM, JEM said:

30 lb shocks work perfectly on mine.  I have them on every hatch in the boat, with the exception of the anchor locker. 



JEM any chance you can share a link to the exact hydraulics you installed for each hatch?  Did you do the live wells as well?

Boat looks great!

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