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Thank You Capt Troy For Your Throttle Post


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Troy, thanks to you, I probably still have my MA in one piece.

I  always turn off the skiff's motor when at the dock loading and unloading....

Yesterday, I came to the dock and stood up....just as I was moving to the rear to just check something for a second in the splash well....and thought, no big deal I just reach to the splash well and get the Coke bottle that had blown into it.....and then.......for whatever reason, I remembered your post ALWAYS TURN OFF THE ENGINE WHEN NOT IN CONTROL OF THE HELM....with my left hand, I just quickly turned off the engine.

I stepped up towards the rear platform, and my foot jammed and slipped falling forward - yep, right on to the throttle.....had the engine been running = NOT GOOD !!!

Again, lessons from others that can be disastrous....how quickly something that can go bad if that throttle is not in your hand at all times when the engine is running.




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