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Maverick HPX 18 Questions


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Hey everyone, I've been in the process of getting my new to me HPX set up the way I want and have a few questions.

1. What are the best rod holders for the console? My boat has the small 17 hpx console.

2. I want additional rod holders on the poling platform. Should I get them welded or are the bolt ons ok?

3. What length pole is recommended. I am 5' 5" and fishing partner is about 3' ;)

4.I am missing some livewell fittings. Where is the best place to find those?

5. Any creative ideas for cup holders?

Thank you!



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Great fishing partner! 

My boat has same console as yours with a generic anodized aluminum triple rod holder attached to the port side of the console. I have a single Taco rod holder on starboard side of rear poling tower leg; some like the look of the welded holders but bolt-ons can be moved if necessary and they're also cheaper. I'm 5'10" and always have had a 21' or 22' Stiffy Hybrid on all my skiffs but it depends on how deep you will be poling as most of my poling is done in relatively shallower water; many tarpon guides in the Keys prefer the 23-24' poles. You should be able to find all the livewell fittings you need at Boat Owners Warehouse and/or by calling Maverick parts dept. I like the RAM mount cup holder with the suction cup base so you can position the holder on top of console, side of console, against the bulkheads, etc.

It's all personal preference, enjoy making the boat exactly how you want it! 

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What Paul said plus you can get a piece of SeaDek cut (professionally so it looks nice) and put it somewhere for the pooch. My neighbor has a square between the cooler and the front bulkhead of his Marquesa for his lab. Labs being as smart as they are... when the motor cranks he gets on the pad for the trip to wherever. 

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