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Eggfest this weekend-Vero Beach


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Hey DonV.  I've been to the "Mothership" back when they were in a smaller distribution facility in Tucker.  Then they moved it to the Atlanta Motor Speedway.  Never went but was coming thru McDonough one Saturday night and had price-lined a room when upon arrival they were having the Eggtoberfest afterparty in our parking lot with Dr BBQ and Dizzy Pig's crew.  Didn't hear a lot of great things about that venue and have heard fewer flattering words about the new Stone Mountain venue.  My Egging buddy has been to Stone Mountain twice and said he'd never go back.  

What we do enjoy is the Eggfest in Hiawassee, GA.  The North GA Mountain Eggfest.  It is by far the best one I've been to.  Incredible venue right on an peninsula within Lake Chatuge.  The North GA Mountains are beautiful and there are lots of scenic areas close by to visit.  Porkopolis in Cincinnati is also a great fest but the one in Hiawassee is my favorite.

Unless you are loading up on vendors items, you should just pay one price to get in the door and then you can sample until you bust.  You do find some good accessories (err... eggcessories) at the larger eggfest's.  And you can usually get them at a discounted price with no sales tax or shipping tacked on.  

I am actually a co-organizer of an Eggfest here in KY.  We are in our 5th year and have continued to grow.  It's a great smaller venue.  We travel to about 4 or 5 eggfest's to help out other organizers by cooking at their events so that they will cook at our event.  It's a lot of work.  I'd much rather just be a Taster : )

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