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Lifting boat off trailer to paint


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I am looking for some advice to lift my boat above the trailer high enough to apply this year's bottom paint. I borrowed some block and boat stands but in looking at the way the hull rests on the bunk trailer it is giving me some pause.


2009 Cobia 215

7/2008 mfg date

Hull number CBAM015i809

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I have seen, never done it, where people just slide the trailer out from under the boat.  Tie the back of the boat to a sturdy tree and slowly pull the trailer from under it placing blocks as you pull it out.  Then just crank the boat back on the trailer.  I am sure there is more to it but that is the idea.


I have done mine a few times but cheat.  I have used a car lift for smaller boats and the car lift and a Bobcat for my 21.  That was as simple as strapping it up and hitting a button:D 

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Yep, Hobo taught me....

you get a tree behind the boat or something to hold the stern with rope....slowly move the trainer forward with he strap on the which...whne the stern moves off the bunks about 2 feet, you lift if off with a jack and block of wood enough to to allow it clear the bunks...about 2 inches max....block off the edges and center.....then slowly pull forward and block the keel as you go in two places with jack stands for the edges.....when the boat clears the center line....you are down....

it's scary as heck !!! 


reverse the process to put it back on....


personally, given what could happen and damage, i wouldn't do it again, rather, take it to a boat yard and rent a dock stand for a week if you want to DIY your bottom paint.....




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I completed the project successfully. No injuries or damage. Biggest issue I had was keeping the boat level and tough placement of the jack stands. When lowering the boat back onto the trailer, i did not pay attention and she sat crooked until launch. 25" block height under the stern and 20" height under the bow. 





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