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Running Bilge ? No Problem Says the Captain


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I was in Sarasota on Sunday at a place called Marina Jack's having lunch with the Mrs.

I see a whaler pull up and tie off to the dock - the captain (I don't even want to call him this- more like idiot driver) walks off.

Out of the corner of my eye, I then begin to see the boat's bilge go off....then again, about every 60 seconds.

Then, a family of kids and the "driver" begin to get into the boat.

I walk over to the fence and yell....."hey Captain, do you know your bilge is coming on every minute or so?"

He gives me a "stupid look" and leans over the gunnel and doesn't see anything coming out at that moment, but, there is a large amount of foam.

He says, "I don't see anything".....

I yell back, as he's loading the people on board, you must have some type of thru-hull leak for the bilge to be coming on that often.

He says, "oh yeah, it's ok, the bilge takes care of it" and continues to load the boat with people.

I yell back, "hey, you really could have a problem with that many people and the bilge running like it is".....

He says, "we are only going out for an hour.....don't worry, I got it".

Now, it was in the bay, lots of boats in case he gets in trouble....but really, what type of idiot goes out into the water with 5 people and a running bilge?

BTW, food was good-not great...but here is the view.....Nice place for a few apps and some ice tea on a Sunday.



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That's kinda funny Dino, however I think the proper word we're looking for the boat owner is is.....stupid. I had the same thing happen a few years ago in the Keys, went down to the dock early in the morning, like well before sunrise, and this guy's boat is in really bad shape with water about 2" from going over the sides and transom. I went in to the boat and turned the bilge switch to manual and it started pumping water so I knew his float switch was not working. Being the nice guy I am, I went to the rental unit he was in, knocked on the door to let the guy know what was going on, they had been partying kinda hard and he was pissed that I woke him up!! He told me there was nothing to worry about and he would get to it. Long story short, came back from bonefishing and his boat was bow up and the engine was on the bottom, dock lines tight as can be, cushions and stuff in the boat floating all around, looked at the guy and I asked him if had a good night's sleep. The very worst part was I never saw a bonefish all morning!!!

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