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Water pressure question


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Have a 2007 2200xl/te  with a 2007 F250 25” shaft and I do not have a water pressure gauge. Curious if anyone on here has some experience with a similar set up in regards to the jack plate. I was running pretty skinny over the weekend and raised the plate all the way up while on plane. On my previous boats I would only do that for a very short amount of time to get over a bar or across a quick flat as the water pressure would drop when jacked that high. On this boat all I had to go by was the piss stream out of the motor. I noticed no change whatsoever in the stream from the engine being all the way down to all the way up. Is the 25” shaft on the xl boats fine running with the engine jacked all the way up in regards to water pressure? I am just wondering if the pickups are getting enough water. Thanks for any insight or feedback you guys can provide. 


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