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Cockpit drain clog

Ms. Magoo

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The ease of this depends on if you have rabuds.

Take a shop vac and fit it to cover the outside of the drain. This will take some engineering but a good sturdy plastic cup will work.  Cut a hole in the bottom to fit your vac hose.  Tape it all together with duct tape.

Next take a rag and cover the drains. Add soap and water and fill with a couple of inches of water.  Remove appropriate rag. Cut the shop vac on keep pressure on the cup to seal against the transom and pull the water thru. Repeat for the other side. This will create a stronger fuller flow of water to clean the hoses.

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On 5/16/2018 at 4:06 PM, justdriftin said:

I took the "ear" off a set of engine flush earmuffs, and used it to seal up around the drain and get some pressure with a water hose to clean it out.

X2....me too! Works like a champ! I also took a short piece of 2” PVC pipe, put the hose through it, screwed on the cup, and blew all sorts of crud out. PVC helps seal edges for more pressure.


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