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They are getting thicker!

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Had a good weekend of tarpon fishing and they are starting to get a little thicker. Pinfish and crabs did the trick. 1 for 1 Saturday night, and 1 for 1 last night. Fished about 40 minutes each night. They still aren't in full swing but every day is getting better. All fish revived and released quickly!

Last night had a beautiful sunset and got some great images, enjoy!





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Great job,

2 for 2 is pretty awesome.

Inside or outside ?

Did not get out enough last year to get them dialed in.

Hell I never even jumped one.

Man I need a Tarpon fix . If your ever needing somebody to head out w/ya let me know.

Your boat or mine. 


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13 hours ago, linesider 159 said:

I just remembered you giving me advice on Harris chain years back, or at least I thought that was you

Went 1 for 3 tonight, got on the water at 715 pm and last fish took an hour to fight. 



Ya that was me. If I remember right you had a different boat back then.

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