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Trim tab switches


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1 hour ago, FLDXT said:

That's the one, but that's three times what tha th switch should cost. It was $8 on genuinedealz. Should be able to find it cheaper.

Agree its pricey. Could also use any Double Pole Double Throw momentary switch, doesn't have to be that exact model/brand. Carling makes sealed switches, look at the data sheet should be this number. 6FC53-73/TABS


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Going straight to the  battery tells you the actuators are  working. Your problem is from the fuse panel thru the switch. Use a meter to check for power at the panel and make sure the fuse is good and making connection.  Next use the meter to check the pos and negative going into the switch.This will tell you if you have a bad wire or ground. This switch has a totally different diagram than most switches. 

Most switches use the center pole for the positive  coming in from the panel. Here the pos is on the top of one side and the bottom of the other side with the ground being the others. The actuators go to the middle.

It is very common for this switch to be hooked up wrong if a wire or two comes off. 

You can also use the meter to check the continuity of the switch.

It is a good idea to check all possibilities before buying a new switch.

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