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WTB prop for Sho 250

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I have the following below and ship props everyday.  Thanks, Matt 352-317-5105


1149) 4 Blade 14" X 21P, flo torq hub not included, 6006 21, very nice used prop, $ 300

1150) 4 Blade 14" X 21P, flo torq hub not included, 6006 21, very nice blades but shows some pitting from sitting in water, $ 200

1188) 14 1/4" X 21P Stiletto, pressed Yamaha hub, 30321 Y1421, nice used prop that shows minor blade edge wear, $ 185

1189) 14 1/4" X 21P Michigan Wheel Rapture, pressed Yamaha hub, 103050, nice used prop, $ 200

1289) 14 1/4" X 22P Turbo, pressed Yamaha hub, re-pitched from a 21P originally, very nice used prop, $ 200

1265) 15" X 21P, 21T Yamaha Saltwater Series 2 prop, pressed Yamaha SDS hub, extremely nice prop, $ 550


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On 5/29/2018 at 6:59 PM, Nick2400TRS said:

I have a Yamaha HS4 21 I used on my F300.  I had an inch taken out of it at a local prop shop and didn’t like the performance on my boat.  I’d sell it for $200 if you’re interested. 

Fare price. I had this same one on a 22TE with T-Top, needed more prop. No T-Top then you're are prob good. wound up with a 19 OFX4 that worked well. 

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