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Gas Deck Fill Stuck


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Went to the gas station and couldn't get my gas cap off with the key.  Deck Fill is stuck down and won't pop up to unscrew.

Any quick fix, or is it shot?  

If it's shot, how easy is it to replace.  Boat is an '06 MA.

Greatly appreciate the input


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X3.....soak in WD-40 after removal. If that doesn’t work then spring broken. Replacements are hard to find. I had to buy the filler neck and cap and throw the neck away to get the cap. Good luck!



From a previous post:

I think your internal spring is corroded and broken. A real pain at the gas pump. 

I searched all the usual sources, ugly fish, flounder, and the rest. I found a Southco diesel filler neck and cap on EBay, for $35. The neck had "diesel only" cast in, instead of "gas". I removed the cap from the chain, and it worked like a champ in the old, installed neck on the PF. I could not figure how to install the new chain on the old neck. Here's my post from last March/April. Hope this helps:


I tried to order one from the link above. Stated they were out of stock on the 1 1/2" for my PF. Found the cap on EBAY as part of a diesel filler neck and cap. I ordered this morning thinking I'd throw the fill neck away and use the cap. Same p/n on the cap.

I hope it fits. Only $35, and getting harder and harder to find. Search EBay for the Southco part number.


Southco M7-22-8807204 Polished 1 1/2 Inch Stainless Steel POP UP Cap Boat Straig



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I've had problems with these pop-ups on both of my MBG boats. After buying one Southco replacement filler neck and using the new cap, I decided to get off the merry-go-round. I took the old broken cap and epoxied the pop-up section closed. That cap is now just like a standard, non-pop-up, run-of the mill fuel cap. With all the gear I carry on my boats, the addition of a cap key is the least of my worries.

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