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Gas Cap Mistake Please help


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2006 Redfisher 16

I’ve been having a lot of issues with water in my gas. 

I noticed the last time I filled up my gas cap will not lock completely down (still won’t)

I was working on it today and the chain going from the cap inside the tank broke. 

Well guess what the other side on the chain attached to the screw fell off and is now in the bottom of my gas tank. 

1) should I worry about this and have the tank professionally drained, etc?

2) I have researched to try and find videos of a new cap install and cannot find it. What kind of cap would I need and how difficult is that?

sorry complete newbie here!

thanks in advance !

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Have you contacted MBG , people at the Co are very helpful and can probably get you new gas with instructions  As for the chain being in the tank,should not be a problem with the operation of the fuel delivery.  Intake has a strainer to prevent contamination  from getting to the fuel line.  Skip is a good contact if you call the company.

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17 hours ago, MuddyBottomBluz said:

Hardware stores have O-rings along with multiple other suppliers, for instance hydraulic suppliers, etc. The chain is only there so you don't lose the cap, like driving away with out it secure.

I was already at the boat supply store and in a big hurry. I actually have a full o ring kit, but I didn't know if they would stand up to the fuel?

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