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Can someone identify this push pole holder?


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Hey all - 

Need a little help.  I need to replace my pop up push pole holders and would like to use the same ones (17 years can't be wrong, right?).   Can anyone identify the make/model of these?

4 1/8th from screw center to screw center longways

1 7/8th from screw center to screw center width

Looks like the hole in the deck would need to be 1 5/8ths wide and 3 3/4 inches long.

Any ideas?




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  I imagine they would be, as long as they are installed properly putting a moderate bend in the pole when installed not allowing the pole to bounce or flex while trailering and in chop. They sell the 3 pack for $100.00.

 My only issue i found when I was looking at them was when I had my Redfisher is water entering the hull. It appears water will go through the bracket and into the side bilges, and, well as we know there are no drain holes in many models between the outer stringers and into the main bilge area. I think they may have an optional cup and drain hose connection for them.

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They lasted 17 years on my maverick, and actually, as I look at it, what I really need to replace is the cup/drainage port, not the bracket itself.   I didn't realize that the two were sold independantly - you just saved me about 100 bucks!  :)

Now, where to find the  darned cup!


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