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New guy Hewes 20'

Little Bella

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Hi guys, I'm new on MBC. I have been fishing for many years but this is my first Hewes. I have been the owner for 2 month now. The boat and motor are both 1994. I have began making some changes to the boat. like full decal removal, full detail, fiber glas work ( taking off the out riggers and down rigger lol ), sound system re wire, custom paint on motor, trailer re wire, and a few more smaller things. Hope you guys like some before and after pictures. More work coming lol






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Bait tank - ill get that for you tomorrow .

Ill tell you this I need a jack plate. Whenever there's a light chop. I can't open it up it will over heat. How about you?

I was told by Skip that this boat does not preform well with a jack plate.I would like to hear from somebody running one.

How much of a chop are we talking about? I can run mine pretty good in a light chop, not WOT. I need to clean out my water jackets in my motor, sometimes mine will overheat when WOT. Just a thought have you checked the impeller / water pump?

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Knock on wood. I have not overheated. I'm in the top hole mounting hole with the motor as low as it can go..

Hard to tell from the photo, but it looks like your water pickup is deep / low enough

You are in the second hole from the top. I'm going to put mine in the third hole from the top.

I do have new thermostats and water pump impeller I recently installed, but no issues before that either.

no jack plate here. I dont typically have much shop, but also typically dont run her WOT.

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I'm new to my boat and hull as well. I changed out the impeller while sitting on my front steps...LOL..

the old impeller had some missing rubber on the flappers, but they were not cracked or dry rotted.

BUT...it gave me peace of mind to know the condition of the impeller.

Cheap money for peace of mind.....

You will need a buddy to help you take the LU off. The speedo tube is attched, so slide LU down slowly and unhook the rubber tube...

Curious now what your impeller looks like. strange it only OVRHTS in chop

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I fish in the marsh and some real shallow water creek situations, so i really like it. I also use my boat for water sports occasionally, so its real nice to be able to really get the skeg down in the water for torque to pull up a big guy for a wake board or tandem tubing applications.

As for performance indications, couldn't tell you the difference, It came on my boat when i got it in 2006, so i couldn't tell you what it's like not to have one for comparison.

I will say this, i have a modded 2.5 liter mercury engine block (around 400lbs) which is in the neighborhood of 220 hp, mounted on 2nd hold from the top, maxed out jackplate height >10psi water pressure, light load, no trolling motor or batteries, 1/4 of fuel, cool day, 25 pitch b*** boat prop, have had this boat to 63 mph gps, but it wasn't real stable and that was WFO throttle by myself.

My boat also has dual hydraulic bennett 10x12" trim tabs which i do believe to make a bit of difference in hole shot, riding in rough water, and load correction situations.

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