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2013 MBC Owners Tournament Photos


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Shannon and I had a great time again this year. We made our reservations for next year at checkout! Thanks again for putting this on. Here are some pictures from our adventures. While we didn't have quantity, I think we did have some quality catches, including a snook/redfish double that we landed after Shannon caught the snook and I got the red that was chasing it! Most important, we had a lot of fun! Check out the two bald eagles we saw near Flamingo and the 33" inch slob red that Shannon caught!

2013 MOT Pictures

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Another outstanding OT.. Many thanks to Skip and Charlie for all the work and effort they put in to show us a good time, again !

We finally had some company 30 miles offshore.. Our new friends in the Cobia..



Skip has watched a lot of kids grow up in the decades of Owner's Tournaments. I caught him with Steve's adorable little girl...



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Congratulations to the winners:

Junior Angler Champion: Sydney Wilson (back to back)

Shelby Baker: Ladies Champion ( How many times does that make it?)

Master Angler: Frank Ocando ( First timer brings home the gold -- full scorecard of snook, redfish and tarpon both days.)

Notable catches:

7 year old Jacob Yglesias with a 28" snook

Permit Queen Martha Anne Brunsink with a 38" permit (Put up the pics Martha Anne)

Team Ezell - first Cobia Owner entrant with a bunch of blackfin tunas

Longevity Award: 21 years, Mllsteads and Brunsinks (tie)

Cl***ic Boat: Ben Denson (When are you going to get a new boat and give somebody else a chance at this one? )

Best Boat: David Owens (wrapped Pathfinder 2300 HPS)

Longest Trailered: David and Seth Owens ( Beaumont, TX)

Thanks again to all our sponsors: Costa Del Mar, Power Pole, Yamaha, B*** ******in, Mirrolure, Unfair Lures, DOA, Shimano, Nakid Ball Jigs, Nu Ice, Logic Lures, Red Zone Apparel, CCA of Florida and the Breezy Palms.

Finally, thanks to all who participated. Great friends, great fishing and great boats-- what more could you ask for?

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