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Wanted: Hewes Redfisher 21 or Maverick 21


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I have kept my eye on MA for years.The newer 21MA are hard to come by. Expect to pay for it when they pop up and be fast with cash. Those lats few years the 21 did not sell a lot of so they are rare. The economy was in the trash and new boats were not selling. The only two newer ones I  have seen for sale in the last few years were on here if you search. There is a nice blue 2007 when you dig back a few pages. 


Good luck in your search. I just sold my 21 and it was by far the best ridding flats boat I have ever been on. 

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Dobey1..., good point on the later year 21MA’s..., I have also read that the  bay boat explosion started a new trend about that time too. I bought the blue 2007 with a 250 HPDI & about 500 hrs..., Going with a new 250 SHO is the ideal option but to spend that kind of $ is a little far fetched when I have a perfectly good running HPDI that only sees REC 90, old owner too ran that fuel also.  Now, if I could get $9/$10k for it I would consider this 4 stroke option and be done with it but I’m old school. Let me say that I have run on alot of flats boats in biscayne  bay and the keys over the years but this 21 MA hull is really smooth, dry, responsive and an aircraft carrier lid to fish on. I am really impressed. I also have a ‘04 Seavee 29’ with twin 225 Opti’s and would not trade that offshore (yet trailerable) boat for the world. It’s so true that no one boat can do it all which is why you should own at lease 2!  You also don’t need to break the bank to do it..., just find the right project and jump on it fast! Also, helps to not be married & have the kids grown up. BTW how do you Ike the TRS in comparison?

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