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Mahi out of Jupiter Inlet (Way Out)


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Just got my boat back for the summer after keeping it up in Vero for a couple of years. Took my brother and nephew out to about 15-18 mile offshore looking for dolphins and we found them. Caught most of them on artificial lures except for one that my nephew caught on a whole sardine and another one that my brother caught on a cut bait.



IMG_6630 (Edited).JPG

IMG_6633 (Edited).JPG



IMG_6644 (Edited).JPG

IMG_6647 (Edited).JPG

IMG_6656 (Edited).JPG



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17 hours ago, HoneyB said:

Awesome! Could you share what type of artificial baits you use.

For the record for you to use the term way out for 18 to 20 miles stings a little. Up here in Savannah out is 25 to 30 and way out is 50 to 70. 

HoneyB, I hear you. I fish out of Jupiter Florida. The further north I get the further out I have to go. As for lures, pretty much anything. I use mostly mirrodines but I always have to have zaraspook(with heavier hooks) and poppers to get them going. 


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