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Bilge Leak info for the forum members


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This is just a heads up for other Redfisher owners.  I have been looking for a significant leak in my bilge.  Turns out the sea chest stainless plate cover (intake for live well thru-hull fitting) had two screws missing and others were loose.  I had to use screws that were larger (not longer) to get them to hold.  I am surprised that these screws go thru into the hull.  See picture below.  The other issue is that the plate cover is directly above one of the trailer bunk boards making it very difficult to fix this issue.  I basically had to take the boat off of my trailer and place it on another trailer to get to the stainless plate to inspect and fix this issue.  I know it doesn't look pretty but it's fixed.  Any comments for a better approach is welcomed.5b785704c5140_seachestplate.jpg.3651b61cdc0894c97e0c008e76669c5d.jpg

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